Good Manners and Appropriate Behaviour

The University of Applied Sciences prepares us for working life and provides teaching and other opportunities for the benefit of its students. In consequence we must strive to behave in a fashion appropriate to working life and to consider our multicultural community during all everyday activities. All members of this community are therefore expected to take responsibility for their actions and to take other members of this community into account

In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and environment we must

  • be service oriented and behave in a friendly manner towards each other
  • respect our own and other peoples’ work and the right to work undisturbed
  • be punctual, turn off mobile phones during lessons and lectures and deal with personal matters in our own time
  • obey instructions provided by the teacher during lesson time
  • notify the appropriate person (if possible) of our absence if unable to attend lessons or work
  • pay attention to how we speak to others and use appropriate language
  • greet each other on and off campus
  • eat meals in the appropriate areas only
  • leave outdoor clothes in the designated facilities
  • handle equipment and material in our care carefully
  • keep the KAMK rooms, facilities and environment clean and tidy

Belonging to a pleasant work community also obligates us to provide feedback if required, to develop all operations and to use the services it provides. Should you experience difficulties with your studies or need help please do not hesitate to contact your study counsellor or teacher tutor. You should also use the services of Vital.

To a large extent, internal communication at KAMK takes place via email. Make sure that the following points are in order when using email:

  • the sender’s identification is clear (name and group code)
  • make sure the message is clear e.g. the name of the course
  • use clear and appropriate language and whole sentences
  • remember that in a community of 2000 students, it is not possible for staff to answer all messages immediately and may take some time
  • try to answer messages you receive as quickly as possible/follow instructions provided