Computers and Information Management / KamIT

If you have problems with school computers or programmes, KamIT is here to help you.

You can find instructions for different situations from KamIt web page (click the link to go to Office 365 log in page, log in with your username and password to open the instructions). There are instructions related to email, printing, Moodle, usernames, Intranet etc.

For urgent matters, call 044 4975 000 or for non-urgent matters email You can reach the Helpdesk staff from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm on weekdays.

Janitor Services

When you need janitor services, help is available from the Helpdesk Janitors tel. 044 710 1111, email: vahtimestarit(at)

Information Desk

The Information Desk in Taito 1 deals with classroom and car reservations. The Info Desk is also the lost and found –place on campus.

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Marketing and Communications

Visiting address: Tiet0 1, 2nd floor

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences uses the Internet and intranet for making announcements and providing information concerning application and study-related issues as well as everyday matters of interest and concern. The teachers, staff and the respective educational fields are responsible for providing information concerning their work.

Email is for sending personal messages that require an immediate response or reply. Members of staff are permitted to send group mail to a large amount of students or staff using ready-made distribution lists. KAMIT is responsible for updating these lists. Should students wish to send/forward announcements to the staff, they can be sent to the Marketing Department, the Management Assistant or either to the address viestinta(at) Teachers can also forward information to separate groups by email.

The Internet is used for disseminating information and news to the public and large amounts of people simultaneously. Students will be able to compile announcements about e.g. project studies or theses related issues. In this case, the ready announcements should be sent to the Marketing coordinators. You may request help and announcement templates from the Marketing Department, if required. Intranet is used for internal communications.The staff and students are obliged to follow both the internet and intranet regularly, particularly the News column.

You can also find KAMK in social media: please follow us in Facebook and Instagram.

Further Information:

Coordinator, Ms Tanja Keränen
email addresses:

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