Languages and Communication

The number of language and communication studies required in each field of study varies. Course descriptions and more detailed study contents for each field of study are set out in the Study Guide. Communication studies at KAMK focus on developing spoken and written professional communication


Free-choice Studies

At Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, students can select other foreign language studies as a part of their degree. The language selection, which is decided each year, includes Finnish for Exchange Students, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German and Russian. If you have prior studies in any of the languages above, please contact the teacher of that particular language.  However, free-choice studies cannot replace or be accredited to compulsory language studies – free-choice studies.


Language and Communication Teachers

Jaana Bäckman: English, Swedish

Merja Enberg: English, Swedish, French

Kaisa Enticknap-Seppänen: English, French, Spanish

Seija Heikkinen: Russian

Jaana Härkönen: English, Swedish

Erja Karppinen: English, Swedish

Kirsi Korkealehto: English, Spanish, Italian, German

Liisa Mikkonen: German

Rea Stricker: Finnish

Marjaana Seppi: English, Swedish

Exemption from Language Studies

The first decree concerning language proficiency does not concern students who have received their education in a language other than Finnish/Swedish or abroad.

Studies in Finnish language are compulsory in all degrees, both for Finnish and foreign students. For Finnish students who have completed their primary education abroad and have not studied Swedish, it is necessary to negotiate with the language and communication teachers concerning the substitution of courses.  You are not permitted to accomplish substitute language studies in the language in which you were educated/your mother tongue.  The exemption application can be found in the intranet at Studying > Forms for students.

Students cannot be exempted from all language studies simply on the basis of their language of education but must study at least one foreign language.

The language of the degree programme will be the language used in the maturity test. However, Finnish students studying in English-taught programmes, write their maturity test in Finnish.

Where exceptions are concerned, students can be exempted from language studies for an exceptional (serious and justified) reason (1129/2014, 7 §). Exemption based on an exceptional reason is always granted separately on a case by case basis. The decision to exempt a student is taken by the President of the University.

Exemption from language studies based on dyslexia can mainly be granted only if the student has been diagnosed with severe dyslexia or dysorthography. As proof, a statement issued by a specialist (e.g. a neurologist) less than 5 years old must enclosed with the application. The application is available in intranet (Studying > Forms for students ).

Students exempted from language studies must substitute language studies with an equivalent amount of credits accomplished in other language and communication courses. Exemption will not prevent you from participating in the language course in question. Before applying for exemption, you should talk to a language teacher to establish how you can advance your foreign language learning and what the consequences of exemption can be e.g. in terms of public sector jobs.

Application for Exemption from Language Studies form: intranet > Studying > Forms for Students