To maintain your study right, you have to enroll as  present (attending)  or absent (non-attending)  every academic year.

Right to Study

The right to study and student enrolment at universities of applied sciences are defined in the Universities of Applied Sciences Act and Decree. The normal period of study is 3,5 years + 1 extra year + a maximum of 2 years absence using the student’s right of absence.
Students enrol yearly using the PAKKI student administration system. The enrolment for the next academic year (1.8. – 31.7.) takes place in May yearly. If needed, the enrolment can be changed in August.

Students on practical training or student exchange must also enrol and register as present. Please note that your study right will be lost if you miss the enrolment.



New students may register as non-attending for the first study year for the following reasons only: completion of military service in Finland / civilian service, your own illness or maternity / paternity / parental leave. A certificate must be submitted to prove the reason for absence. In addition, you may register as non-attending for another year (2 semesters) later during your studies without a specific reason

Absences arranged the correct manner do not affect the total statutory time allowed for completing the study programmes. You may register as absent for one semester or for a full academic year at a time.

Students who have registered as absent may not pursue their studies (e.g. sit exams, receive supervision for thesis or assignments) and are not entitled to student grants or student meal subsidies. Note also that as the curriculum may change during your absence, the studies have to planned carefully.

Amending information concerning your Status (present / absent) Students are permitted, for a justified reason, to amend whether they are absent or present at any time during the academic year apart from the registration period. The justified reason is assessed on a case by case basis and could be among others, chronic illness, maternity/parenting leave or e.g. interrupting military service or maternity/parenting leave. There is a separate form for amending whether one is present/absent and it can be found in intranet > For Students > Forms. Please note that if you are ill for more than two months, you are entitled to receive sickness allowance instead of student financial aid (those who are entitled to that normally).

Losing, restoring and Continuing the Right to Study