Plan your studies at KAMK

HOPS –Personal Study Plan

Every student has a Personal Study Plan (HOPS), which is based on the curriculum and on the students’ curriculum-based decisions and choices.

A personal study plan, HOPS, can contain the following:

  • Learning objectives set by you
  • Timing of your studies
  • Assessment of your learning outcomes and your professional development in comparison to general and subject-specific competences
  • Credit transfer of possible earlier studies and studies completed elsewhere
  • Decision on your major , i.e. what are your optional studies
  • Which are your free-choice studies and why
  • Where you intend to do your practical training and why you have chosen that particular workplace
  • What is the subject of your thesis and your ideas concerning the choice of the subject?
  • Your plan regarding the development of your international skills (exchange study, practical training abroad, language studies, etc.)
  • participation in projects
  • career and transfer to working life planning.

In addition to the HOPS, students can draw up a portfolio. The instructions for drawing up a basic portfolio and a sample portfolio are in the Toolbox

More information on practical training, study exchanges and the thesis will be given in information meetings arranged by teachers, the International Office or the Study Office. Instructions can also be found in the internet and intranet.  The teaching syllabi can be found in the Internet at Studying > Studies Offered.

You can obtain help in study planning from your tutoring teacher. The plan is assessed together with the tutoring teacher, e.g. in the annual planning and development reviews between you and your tutoring teacher.

My Study Path at KAMK / eHOPS

The tool for the planning is ”My Study Path at KAMK” programme based in the Moodle learning platform. The programme is spread over different years and contains, amongst other matters, the student’s

  • personal study plan (=HOPS)
  • internationalisation plan
  • yearly personal progress review discussions with the teacher tutor and related assignments
  • projects
  • learning and career planning tools.

Tutoring teacher and study counsellors will instruct students in how to use the programme.

Please note that you are responsible for your own study plan, but that you can always turn to the tutoring teacher to support you in the process. There will be yearly individual discussions between the tutoring teacher and the student, for planning and follow-up of the study progress.