In case of accident or damage students must immediately contact their supervising teacher and/or the  Secretary or Management Assistant. Students must fill in an insurance certificate and an insurance accident / occupational illness notification for any type of accident / damage. Even though the accident may not have caused serious health problems when it actually occurred, such cases may not be covered by insurance after a longer period of time has elapsed, should problems occur later on after the accident.

In case of an accident:

  • Fill in the vakuutustodistus (= certificate of insurance) and vahinkoilmoitus (= insurance accident/occupational illness notification) with their personal data and details concerning the accident
  • Attach original receipts of the costs caused by the accident and submit them to the KAMK’s President’s Office.

Please find further details on our webpages or from:

Secretary: Jaana Karjalainen, puh. 044 7157 014

Management Assistant:  Anne Väätäinen, puh. 044 7101 602

International affairs Manager:  Meira Kaikkonen, puh. 044 7101 617

Director of Administration, Finance and Resources:   Merja Mäkinen, puh. 044 7101 601