Course Enrolment

Students continuing their studies do not enrol for the compulsory courses, but the Study Office takes care of the course enrolment in PAKKI. However, students continue to enrol for the free-choice studies via the PAKKI student administration system.

New students starting their studies in autumn 2018 enrol for both compulsory and free-choice studies in PAKKI themselves.

There will be separate information meetings related to the new PAKKI student administration system.

Course enrolment

  • Make sure you have enrolled as present. The deadline for enrolments are 9 September in the autumn and 15 January in the spring.
  • Free-choice studies are available for enrolment in the spring semester.
  • Language studies are available for enrolment at the beginning of the autumn semester. The language teachers will inform the students about the available languages. Enrolment takes Place via email directly to the teacher.
It is a good idea to make a personal plan for your studies in case you for example with to graduate sooner or because of student exchange. You can use the Moodle-course or PAKKI for planning the studies.