The most common learning disabilities are associated with reading and writing (dyslexia).

If you have  an official certificate of your dyslexia you may have arrangements in your studies.

All learning disabilities are individually taken into account at the UAS according the degree of the disability. In practice this means a student may be allocated more time to complete an exam, or be allowed to complete an assignment in a different way (e.g. a list instead of an essay), or to use a lap-lop computer during tests. A student may also be able to add to exams orally (viva voce).

Students may be allocated more time or be allowed to use a lap-top computer to complete the maturity test (a part of the thesis). He/she may be able to add to the maturity test by providing information orally. Different forms of dyslexia will only be taken into account during teaching if they have been officially diagnosed. Sufficient proof of dyslexia is a so called dyslexia certificate that must be less than five years old, obtained as a result of the individual test detailed above.  Special arrangements due to learning difficulties during courses, exams and the maturity test must be agreed and made in cooperation with the course teacher and maturity test evaluator.