As a student, you may lose your right to study:
  • If you have not confirmed the acceptance of your study place (new students)
  • If you do not registere as attending or non-attending every academic year or every semester by the deadline stated.
  • If you have not completed the degree programme by the end of the normative study time (3,5 + 1 year) and the President has not granted you the permission for an extension.


Restoring the Study Right

If the student has lost the study right, the President of KAMK may restore a student’s right to study on receipt of a written request. Please note that the restoration will take effect as of the beginning of the following semester. Studies may be resumed at the beginning of the following semester only after the right to study has been restored. When deciding whether to restore the right to study, consideration will be given to the question of whether the student has or does not have realistic chances of graduating in the allocated time.
A handling fee of 50 Euros, according to decree (1440/2014) will be charged for the decision to reinstate the right to study. Even if the decision is negative, the fee will be charged. Pay the fee in our online shop:


Exceeding the Normative Study Time (after 3,5 years)

If you have already been studying for 3.5 years and still will not graduate, fill in the electronic form Study Plan for the remaining studies before the termination of the regular study period (=before 3.5 years has elapsed). The plan is submitted to the Head of the Degree for revision.
The Study Plan must include a list of courses remaining and information when and how the courses will be completed. Please discuss with the teachers to confirm the timing of planned courses etc.


Discretionary Extension

If you have already studied for 3.5 years and 1 extra year, and are still not due to graduate, you can apply for a further discretionary extension.

This discretionary extension time can be granted under the following circumstances:

  • Justifiable grounds that have affected the studies (working is not necessarily justifiable grounds)
  • There are only a few courses left to be completed and you have realistic chances of completing your studies
  • In the case of compulsory, degree-related studies. If you have completed your compulsory studies, the extension will not be granted, e.g. for free-choice studies or student exchange.
  • For a maximum of one year at a time

Further details on applying for the discretionary extension.