Do you have problems with studies or looking for somebody to talk to?

Study Councelling

In each School, there is a study counselor. In addition, the tutoring teachers take care of guiding the students throughout their studies and planning the studies.

There may be different kinds of problems in your study path. Don’t hesitate to contact the appropriate staff members, they are here to support you. It is usually easier to deal with different issues if you talk them through with someone who is trained to help you. There are both the Student Welfare Officer and Study Psychologist and also the Nurses in the Student Health Centre Vital. These welfare workers can be approached even for smaller problems in life, and it does not have to be mental problems – it can also be problems in progressing or planning your studies, motivation etc.

Your tutoring teacher, study counselor and individual teachers and study office staff may also be able to help you. For study-related practical matters, please contact the Study Office staff.