Consequences of inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour during studies will not be tolerated. Cheating during exams and skill demonstrations, independent assignments and theses (e.g. unauthorised use of material or plagiarism) will invariably lead to disqualification and further action will be taken.

If a student is proved to have cheated during an exam, he or she will have to participate in the same course again the following academic year and do the exam according to the current requirements.

It is necessary to exercise care and caution in the use of paraphrasing and quotations from other people’s material when producing written work of your own. If you obtained the information from literature, directly from another person or other sources you must always record and mention the original source in your assignment/essay/work. If the author presents other people’s ideas, texts etc in his/her own name, he or she will be guilty of plagiarism. Cases where sources have been used without being recorded and mentioned in the appropriate manner will be investigated in detail. The consequences of using other people’s work as if it were your own could be e.g. the rejection of your work or the whole course. Repeated plagiarism will lead to an official warning and possibly temporary suspension from studies in serious cases. Students will be heard before any action is taken.

According to the Polytechnic Decress (932/2014, § 38) students will be given a written warning if they:

  • disrupt teaching
  • behave violently or in a threatening manner
  • cheat or are dishonest or otherwise disrupt order in the university of applied sciences
  • refuse to present a drug test certificate or
  • have used drugs for purposes other than medication leading to decreased capability according to the report relating to testing for drugs.

In cases of serious acts and negligence or if the student continues to behave in an inappropriate manner after receiving a written warning, the student will be expelled for a temporary period – a maximum period of one year.

The President decides whther a student will receive a written warning and the KAMK Board decides on temporary expulsion if proposed by the President.

It is permitted that students who disrupt teaching, behave violently or threateningly or in a manner that puts the life or health of others at risk can be ordered to leave the classroom or any event organised by the University of Applied Sciences. The student’s right to participate in teaching can be removed for a maximum of three working days if there is a danger that the safety of other students or persons working in another teaching room/area will suffer dues to the student’s violent or threatening behaviour or if teaching becomes unreasonably difficult due to a student’s disruptive behaviour.

Members of staff have the right to remove students from the premises, who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

The university is entitled to demand students to present a drug test certificate. The University of Applied Sciences will cover any costs incurred by the certificate. The instructions and procedure concerning drug testing is set out in detail in the University of Applied Sciences Decree (351/2003, § 25d) and in the instructions “Legal solutions for dealing with an inaptitude for study”.      

Safety Instructions

Get to know the University of Applied Sciences Safety Instructions, to be found on the front page of the KAMK Intranet. In addition there are safety folders in each building on campus. At the end of this guide there are instructions on how to act in an emergency. Find out where the buildings’ emergency exits are located and the assembly points situated outside. Make sure you know where the fire extinguishing equipment is located and that you can use them.   New students will have a safety information meeting to discuss safety issues regarding the campus.