Student administration system “PAKKI” for students

PAKKI is the student administration desktop (formerly ASIO) which students can use to track their academic records, update their personal study plans and register for each semester and enroll for courses  and edit their personal data via settings.

Log in to the toolkit using your KAMK user ID via the following address: The toolkit will open on Monday 6.8.2018.

The student desktop allows you to use access the following functions:

HOPS (Personal Study Plan): you will see the curriculum for the degree you have chosen to study and you can edit it to comply with your personal study plan and enroll on courses. It is also possible to print the pdf-version of your completed courses (transcript of records, opintosuoritusote). The completed parts of courses can be seen in the transcript of the records.

Transcript of records: you can see your academic record and print out your own transcript of records.

Settings:  you can update your personal data here

Studies: This function allows you to register for each semester. Under ‘Studies’ you will find links to course descriptions and the study guide.

The methods of communication for setting up appointments or meetings is agreed separately with your tutoring teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are about to graduate must apply for degree certificate at least two weeks before the graduation date. The application includes answering a feedback questionnaire (AVOP) and then applying for the degree certificate.

Registration / Enrolment for the semester

Registration for the next academic year takes place in May yearly.

  • Select “Studies” from the header bar and from the dropdown menu select “Registration”. Click on the Register -button that appears next to the semester data. Select either attending / non-attending and save.
  • You can change your status while the registration period is still open. If you need to change your status when the registration period has ended, contact the study office.

Enrolling for courses

  • You must enrol for the courses via the Personal Study Plan (PSP, HOPS).
  • The courses which have an enrollment period (Violet flashing icon) can be viewed via the PSP’s View and Enrollments tabs.
  • You can enroll using the Enrollments tab.

Changing your settings and logging off

  • From the drop-down menu that opens under your name on the right, select Settings. The top part contains your registration data (green=attending), your name, student number, degree and study time (maximum).
  • Select the option you want from the list on the left. If the data contained in the section your choose can be edited, then an Edit button will also appear above.
    • Study data: This information is in viewing mode.
    • Attendance data: This contains a summary of your attendance by semester and you can also register as attending or non-attending here.
    • HOPS / PSP: Your own personal study plan
    • Academic record: Here you can view your academic record using different search criteria. Open Filter the list and select how you want your academic record to be filtered for viewing.
    • Personal data: Cannot be edited.
    • Contact data: can be edited. Remember to update your address when applicable.
    • Data use permissions: REMEMBER to check this!
    • Next-of-kin: You can add the personal data of your next-of-kin
    • Settings: E.g. add your picture

Editing the personal study plan and printing out a transcript of records

  • Your personal study plan complies with the curriculum of your degree. Depending on the degree, the studies include compulsory studies and alternative studies and free-choice studies.
  • Print out the transcript of records via the Upload transcript of records (PDF) button. The print-out of transcript of records will only include the courses that you have completed. The button in is the top right of the personal study plan
  • You can view explanations of the symbols by dragging the cursor onto the symbol or via the question mark button.
  • The View tab displays the courses linked to your degree (curriculum) and your course grades.