After Completing the Studies

Residence permit for looking for a job

After completing the studies, the student may remain in Finland if he/she can be granted a new residence permit on other grounds. The permit may be granted, for example for

1) postgraduate studies (the same field of study)
2) employment
3) on the basis of family ties.

A foreign student who has graduated from a Finnish university of applied sciences can be issued a temporary residence permit so that he/she can look for work. A new temporary residence permit can be issued once for a graduate for one year after the previous residence permit has ended. Please note that the application for the residence permit extension must be done before the previous permit expires. Read more 

Residence permit application for a start-up entrepreneur

  • Requirements:
    – you are a startup entrepreneur
    – positive eligibility statement from Business Finland
    – sufficient financial resources for your living costs in Finland (min. EUR 1,000 per month or EUR 12,000 per year)

    • Can be shown by bank account / if you have an employment contract with an according wage / you received a funding / through other sources of income (i.e. rental income)

It is possible to work for another employer with this permit, the main purpose of stay must be however, entrepreneurship.

Continuing the studies

In Finland there are two parallel levels of higher education. Universities of applied sciences provide practically oriented studies and traditional universities more theoretical studies. On both types of education, there are both bachelor’s and master’s studies also in English available. Please note that master’s degree at a university of applied sciences normally means part-time studies and working at the same time.

A master’s degree after finishing the bachelor’s degree is usually for two years. Master’s studies in English in Finland can be found under or The joint application system for both universities and universities of applied sciences can be found on

Alumni Activities

All graduates of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are considered alumni.  Alumni will receive information about further and complimentary education at regular intervals. The network will also organize alumni meetings where it will be possible to network with a variety of operators. Alumni can also work as visiting lecturer and commission assignments from students. As an alumni, you can also help us in marketing the KAMK for potential students in your country or elsewhere.  The alumni network will provide valuable information on the suitability of training for work and it acts as an important bridge with the changing sphere of working life.

You can join other alumni by enrolling in the alumni register.