You have completed your Bachelor’s degree studies when

  • you have participated in the teaching and practical training, which are part of the degree and you have completed your thesis as required in the curriculum.
  • you have completed the study modules of the Degree  as required by the curriculum.
  • you have passed a maturity test.

The graduation dates for the academic year 2019 – 2020 are as follows

Month Apply for the Dergee certificate (at the latest) Graduation   Date
August 16.8.2019 30.8.2019
September 13.9.2019 27.9.2019
October 11.10.2019 25.10.2019
November 15.11.2019 29.11.2019
December 6.12.2019 20.12.2019 
January 17.1.2020 31.1.2020
February 14.2.2020 28.2.2020
March 13.3.2020 27.3.2020
April 10.4.2020 24.4.2020
May 15.5.2020 29.5.2020 
June 31.5.2020 18.6.2020

The graduation ceremony takes place in Kaukametsä Congress Hall in May and in December. The ceremony takes approximately two hours and afterward there is coffee and cake for graduates and their guests. The rehearsal for the graduation ceremony takes places on a day before graduation in Kaukametsä.

In case you will not participate the graduation ceremony, the certificate can be sent to you by post or you can pick it up from the Study Office on the graduation date at the earliest.

Steps to take before Graduation


  • Register for the maturity test online according to the instructions after the supervising teacher has given you permission to do so. Maturity tests are written on general exam dates. Choose a date which is a minimum of two weeks before the graduation confirmation date.
  • Once your thesis abstract has been accepted by the supervising teacher, submit the name of your thesis to the study office by email. The name will appear in
    your degree certificate, so make sure that the spelling is correct.
  • Save the finalized version of your thesis to Theseus database ( and forward the confirmation from Theseus to the study office. This should be done a
    week before graduation.
  • Print a loose-leaf copy of your thesis (A4, one- or two-sided) and bring it to the study office.
    • In case you will not save he thesis to Theseus, you must bring two printed copies of the thesis to the study office.
    •  If you wish to have bound copies to yourself, please contact KAMO kiosk in Tieto 1 for binding. Further information.
    • The study office will not print your thesis for you, so do not send it by email. If you need printing credits, you can buy them online at

Transcript of Records

  • Check that you have received a grade for each course and that you have enough studies for each module using the Study Guide.
  • Update your contact information in PAKKI student administration system
  • Note the language proficiency requirement (UAS Decree 1129/2014, 7§)
    • Finnish students; the degree certificate will record a grade separately for Swedish (spoken and written). The maturity test provides an indication of the student’s skills in the Finnish language.
    • Foreign students: Foreign students must inform the Study Office about the language of their primary school education (before their studies at the University of Applied Science); this will be mentioned in the Degree Certificate.

Apply for the Degree Certificate

  • Apply for the degree certificate with a separate application a minimum of two weeks before graduation.
  • It is possible to apply for the degree certificate even when all the grades are not marked in PAKKI yet but you have returned your assignments.
  • Answer first the national feedback questionnaire AVOP. Go to page and sign in to the survey by using your own UAS credentials (normal computer user name and password, HAKA login). The questionnaire is long but important – it is used to compare universities of applied sciences and also our funding is based on these results, so please, fill it in carefully.After answering the questionnaire you will be forwarded to the page where you find the application for the Degree Certificate.

NOTE! KAMK username and -right

Your computer and network usernames will be deleted within one week of your graduation or resignation. At the same time, your email account and mail box and your personal network drives will be deleted. Please note that you must make sure that you have saved all important and necessary information before graduating.

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to the higher education degree diploma/certificate for use in international contexts. The appendix is a document in English, which includes additional information about the studies you have completed and the level of your degree and how it qualifies you for further studies and working life. The Diploma Supplement facilitates graduate mobility and the academic and professional recognition of qualifications abroad.

All graduates (both first/bachelor and second cycle/master programmes) receive a Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge from their higher education institution. A transcript of records in English is attached to the Diploma Supplement, where all completed courses and grades are listed. The Diploma Supplement is not a substitute or translation of the original qualification or transcript but it provides more information about the qualification.

More information about diploma supplement is available on the Commission’s website.