Study office

Adress:  Tieto 1 building,  Ketunpolku 1, 87100 Kajaani

There is a study secretary for each school. One secretary deals separately with the degree programmes delivered in English. The Study Office is open from Monday to Friday between 10:00 – 14:00. Please note that all office hours apart from the above opening times are reserved for office staff to complete their other duties.


English-taught degrees, exchange students:

Ms Sanna Laukkanen    Tel. 044 7101 112


Finnish-taught degrees

Ms Heli Krökki, Degrees in Business, Tourism, Sports                       Tel. 044 7101 764

Ms Marja Haapavaara, Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing                        Tel. 044 7101 133

Ms Marita Karjalainen, Bachelor’s Degrees in Engineering                Tel. 044 7101 564

Ms Maarit Merimaa-Piirainen, Head of Study Affairs                          Tel. 044 7101 618

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